Why book with us

You are safe with us

We are a member of the Travel Trust Association which is one of the UK’s largest travel trade associations. It exists to safe-guard your money with 100% financial protection and has been doing so for over 20 years. This means that every penny you pay us is protected by the Travel Trust Association. Should we, or the travel suppler we have booked for you fail, you will either be able to continue your holiday or receive a full refund of money paid.

All package holidays and flight only bookings sold by Dorking Travel are also financially protected by the ATOL protection scheme.


Do you charge a Fee?

No. Our service is completely free of charge. We are passionate about providing holidays and our

reward is hearing your stories when you come back.

It must be more expensive to use a travel agent?

No. With membership of one of the largest and most successful associations we can provide very competitive prices and negotiate hard on your behalf. And in many cases because we are independent, we can even pass on extra savings to you.

What are the benefits of using an agent?

If nothing else in 2020, it taught us that the human touch was vital. By all means book with a .com on line company, but when things go wrong or you have the simplest of questions to ask, ask your self whether you can easily get hold of them on the phone? Do they, like many do, charge a premium telephone rate for you to be able to speak to them? And will you be dealing with the same person each time? At Dorking Travel we are just a phone calls away, a visit to our shop or an email. We are your agent and we work hard to protect YOUR interests.

Travel is no longer as simple as booking a holiday and going. So much information is now needed; be it passport information, visa or e-visa requirements, pre-seat selection, online check in and boarding passes. We do ALL this for you at no extra charge meaning that you just have to book and look forward to travelling without the hassle.

You can’t know the whole world and speak from personal experience?

Correct! But one of the benefits of this business is the extensive travel we undertake and after 30 years we have travelled widely and experienced amazing places. And if we cannot speak from a personal view, we have suppliers around the world that can and we trust their honesty.